Hello. Hiya. Hola. Saludos. Bienvenidos. Que lo Que. ¡Oye!. Yerrrrrr.

Warm welcome to The Coquito Plug fam.

The Coquito Plug was created by Queens, NY born and raised native, Penelope
Rodriguez, in her studio apartment in 2018. What originally started as a side
hustle quickly became a full fledge business due to her obsession with making different
flavor coquito, increase of demand for her premium quality drinks and elite
customer service. This Latina boss babe has worked extensively to honor the Caribbean
culture through tastes, aromatic scents, and product names, while providing a high-end
drinking experience for all her clientele.

Our Business

The Coquito Plug is a Latina owned and minority run business. We pride ourselves on having one of the bougiest coquitos on the market. All drinks and desserts are made fresh per order for immaculate taste. We use premium and fresh ingredients, along with, top shelf rums to provide our customers with a luxurious outcome each time. We have all permits and licenses needed to produce all beverage and dessert products; and all products are made in commerical kitchens throughout NYC.

Company Culture

Our vibe is tropical with a major splash of bougie. We love to turnup, but keep it classy, ya feel us? At The Coquito Plug you are part of the family. We be vibing with customers on the daily like we known them for years and that feeling is EVERYTHING. It is why we do what we do.

The Goal

The Coquito Plug strives to represent the Hispanic culture which is weaved into our company’s identity and plays a major role and influence in everything we create (product and content wise).

For latino’s coquito is a holiday staple in their household. Everyone either has an abuela, mother, tia, vecina or friend of the family that makes coquito with their own twist on it. This go-to drink is embraced and loved by many.

Our goal is to be accepted into your households and be added to those family traditions, gatherings, memories that are being made or parties with friends where everyone is living their best life with our coquitos.


The Coquito Plug is diligently at work on creating a scholarships/grants program that help other female entrepreneurs get their small business up and running. As a self-funded business, many financial challenges have occurred and created an abundanct amount of setbacks. With this program we would be able to offer our experiences and expertise, along with financial help to see other woman thrive in their field of choice.

When we say, “We want to see everyone win”, we mean it and will do whatever we can to help others succeed with this program.